Green Finance Capital AG

About us

Green Finance Capital AG provides financing for the Green Finance group companies as a management, administrative and advisory body as well as an issuer for non-advisory financial instruments and investments. In line with the guiding principle of sustainable profitability, the Green Finance Group sets standards in the finance, energy and real estate sectors and is particularly involved in the business areas of real estate, financing, renewable energy and management consulting.

Green Finance Capital AG issues investments as well as non-advisory financial instruments that involve opportunities and risks, and makes the resulting proceeds available to the Green Finance Group as loans.


Green Finance Group AG and its subsidiaries operate internationally and offer a broad portfolio of services.

Green Finance Broker AG

Green Finance Broker AG

Green Finance Broker AG

Green Finance Broker AG

Green Finance Broker AG

Green Finance Broker AG

As the parent company of the international Green Finance Group, Green Finance Group AG stands for a focus on sustainable strategies in the modern business world. Long-term business relationships and a conscious focus on sustainability and the environment are the basis of the Green Finance Group’s success.

Green Finance Broker AG is the Group’s expert for management, administration and advisory services. Its international network includes more than 6,000 cooperation partners in six countries and over 47,000 customer relationships.

As the core of the group, Green Finance Capital AG is responsible for financing the Green Finance Group companies and thus provides the capital for the business areas of real estate development, capital investments and renewable energies.

Zenith GmbH has been part of the Green Finance Group since January 2021. The company, which was originally founded in 2013, provides services in the areas of credit brokerage, insurance brokerage and data processing, among others.

LVA24 Prozessfinanzierung GmbH has been part of the Green Finance Group since November 2019 and deals with the coverage of legal costs for injured parties in order to support them in enforcing their claims.

ImmoWerte GmbH is engaged in a variety of business activities: Movable Property Leasing, Real Estate Development and Real Estate Rental. The company places a particular focus on the acquisition and revitalization of properties with which it is hoped to increase value.

Green Assets AT GmbH was founded for the acquisition, development and leasing of new real estate development projects. The purpose of Green Asstets AT GmbH is the acquisition, management, leasing and operation of real estate, as well as the ownership and purchase of shares in companies.

The corporate purpose of Green Castle Hantberg GmbH is the ownership, operation, development and rental of Hantberg Castle including the surrounding properties. The address of the Castle Hantberg is Johnsdorf 4, in 8350 Fehring.

Green Business Center Graz GmbH is the owner of the property at 8041 Graz, Liebenauer Hauptstrasse 82c including the office building located on it. The purpose of the company is the ownership, operation and leasing of this property.

Green Business Center Linz GmbH is the real estate owner of the future Green Business Center in Linz, Austria. This real estate project involves the construction of a modern multi-tentant office complex with gastronomy as well as an underground parking garage.

Green Business Center Wien GmbH is the owner of the property at 1110 Wien, Leberstrasse 122. The purpose of the company is the ownership, development, construction and leasing of a new office and commercial building.